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Engineering Excellence

Mechanical Engineering

MTTG have worked with a wide variety of machine tools and manufacturers over the years. These include: Butler, Asquith, Schiess, Innse, Sharmann, Webster & Bennett, Mori Seiki, Fellows, Reischauer, Pittler, Noble & Lund, Jones & Shipman, Huron, Waldrich, Dronsfield, Crawford Swift, Binns & Berry, Mitsubishi, Mazak, Craven, Tos, Liebherr, Axa, Giddings & Lewis, Kearns, Union, Herkules, Oerlikon, Matrix, Schmaltz, Marbaix, Safop and many others.

Rebuild of Existing Machines – Conventional manual machines which have lost their accuracy or are breaking down on a regular basis can be brought back to their original geometric standards by reconditioning the slideways and replacing any sub-standard components. This work is carried out at our facility in Halifax where almost everything is done in house.

Retrofitting CNC Machines – Often the basic machine structure is good and requires only a general overhaul by machining slideways, replacing bearings and overhauling ballscrews which is then enhanced by Retrofitting a new CNC system and Axis drives to make it a more flexible production resource better suited to the needs of the customer.

Re-Engineering / Modifying Machines – A large part of our business is now dedicated to the re-engineering of conventional machines to convert them to CNC operation thus improving accuracy, enhancing capabilities and improving performance. Our Mechanical and Electrical design departments are specialists at this type of project.

Special Purpose Machines – Some customers have production requirements for which there is no standard machine tool available on the market. MTTG can help with this situation by designing and manufacturing machines specifically to the customers requirements. We have designed and built a number of these, some of which have won awards for innovation. Competitive edge can be gained by your company working with MTTG to determine your particular needs. We will then design and manufacture a solution inline with the requirements. Machine Tools vary considerably and are generally very specific.

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