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Safop Underfloor Wheel Lathe Servicing

GAC Rail run a "3P Maintenance Programme" using the latest technology they provide a combined service effort of Predictive, Preventive and Planned Maintenance.

OEM maintenance schedules are used by there engineers and then applied to GAC Rail templates which are signed and dated as tasks are completed. Any faults found that are not covered are reported so that a course of action can be determined. This can be in the form of immediate action or a further planned visit. On completion of the maintenance, a full set of documents are produced and sent to the customer for their records. Reports can then be acted upon immediately by the customer or, at their discretion, defer further repairs to a later date.

They have a skilled team of service engineers who cover all aspects of machine servicing. Once they recieve notification of a fault, GAC Rail can be on site usually within 24 hrs, and in some cases even the same day.

New clients recieve an initial visit and a base line assessment is produced. Any problem items are flagged and then added to a schedule drawn up over several visits of planned maintenance, helping to predict potential future failures. These repairs can then be carried out on planned visits to help prevent machine breakdown and therefore prevent unscheduled downtime for the customer.

Safop Underfloor Wheel Lathe

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